TL Invention – Celebrate 80+ websites created in 8 months

I am celebrating New Year 2021 by thanking the people behind my creative company. A proud milestone for 2 persons. TL Invention is a home-based creative startup, consisting of me and my boyfriend (now, my husband). We started it in April 2020. It was that time where COVID-19 was coming to its peak and we were 4 months more towards our wedding!!!

Our nikah is successful! Alhamdulillah

We counted our day and our financials every day to make sure we have a happy wedding day. We worked hard to meet satisfaction in spite of all the strict rules on Covid-19. Every day, through long-distance (KL-Raub is about almost ~2 hours journey), we video-called each other to ensure clients’ websites meet their requirements. We were really fought through. Even 1 week before our wedding, we are still designing. My husband never misses calling me every single day even though he is tired. That’s what I love so much about him.

Alhamdulillah, with Allah’s permission, our wedding went smoothly. I mean, I thought there was no one coming and I thought it would be just us. We were so shocked that THERE’re almost 1000 peoples attending!

With a carefully planned SOP with our wedding planner and my parents, our ceremony went well. Masks, gloves, and sanitizers were all prepared. Guests were lined up to enjoy Arabic cuisine (Chicken Rice Arab). My father had the luxurious dream to serve the best food. We were insanely grateful that everything went well.

Guests also were so kind, they have lifted up financially a lot, up to 5 figures, at the end of our wedding. This was very, hugely unexpected. I do have many relatives in my town, just that I do not expect 1000 of them. We’ve only printed 300 cards and no RSVP. The fund is given away to sponsor the organically huge wedding itself as if they are paying for it. I guess the huge lesson here was we just don’t be afraid of large numbers of guests. They are ‘blessings‘. We had karaoke until 3 pm. The wedding was phenomenal, including our weights. lol

It was a tough journey. I read that in entrepreneurship, speed is more important than accuracy. We were quite fast. I am not sure if there is a local startup of a minimal 2 staff that has such a record of 80 websites in 8 months and we are not website designers. We are more of business website designers. We both have different 180° study backgrounds. I don’t mean to brag. We are proud of that overwhelming achievement. Something crazy to tell to our future kids.

Hence, TL Invention manages to fund our wedding, our house, our cars, our bills, and our sweet escapes. Despite PKP, PKPB, PKPP, or whatever these #stayathome rules, we got through. I thank God. TL Invention shall remain to be our baby. And we wish to soar more.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Strawberry milk boba + chocolate cakes #HNY

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