The Big Short film review-When long term thinking is tragically ignored.

I was tired of frowning throughout watching this movie because there is a lot of Wall Street jargon you wanna get into your head to understand how a little thing called ignorance had cause a global crisis. This story tells you how 8 millions of peoples lose homes, while all lose jobs, pension saving, 401k in 2008…all worth 5 trillion. That was just USA only.

A physician named Dr Michael Burry (played by Christian Bale) who was also a hedge fund manager of Scion Capital noticed an upcoming housing bubble YEARS before. No one notice about it including rating agencies until the day of calamity.

All boiled down to one commodity: WATER. He noticed it and made “bet against” American economy for many many 100x folds before 2 groups of investors; one is garage hedge fund giddy boys and another is senior (played by Steve Carell) who always feel the monetary system was fraudulent and dark but couldn’t appoint where. Those who noticed must not spook the public. Never thought Steve Carell can carry un-comedy act so well.

I am not gonna lie. Movies teach me a lot than my own life. This movie teaches a big lesson that is thinking way way way long-term. Which I need to improve. This movie proved that geniuses had fail, that Long Term Capital Management FAILED- Read Robert Lowenstein book (When Geniuses Failed) which is closely related to this insulting event.

Everyone in that crisis was weakening, massively downgrading towards disparage. Every mind had a wishful thinking; When the world is going to end?

I was most fascinated by Dr Burry’s character whom his natural state is socially awkward, making himself appearing refutable…that Scion Capital investors wanted to bring down his idea and sue him before he brought them insane billions amount of wealth & moral redemption.

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