Shariah-compliant securities bot

I created a stock bot on Telegram which identified shariah-compliance(SC) securities. It helps Muslim to invest as according to shariah law, which believers must avoid invest in companies which trade alcohol, porks & others criteria.

The list is specially provided to our group for quicker reference. Too bad limited privilege because screening SC takes effort. Alternatively, you could fast identify SC stock at mobile app. Not free.

I use Chatfuel. This tool is very useful and really simple to use. Go ahead and check it out.

Problem is SC-list can change to non SC at anytime. Like Amazon. Previously, it is SC but now, it is non SC. Second example, Coca Cola, a SC company wants to launch alcoholic drink in future. My mentor said, if you are Muslim and invest in non SC, better purchase a Heineken or Carlsberg. Ouch, right?

Got 98 subscribers already. 2 were actually me and mom testing it.

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I am glad to help 98 members. Stay tune.