Retail exp #1

A happy end when customer appointed you and wanted to know your off days, to come next month after raya to buy a full range of skincare product from France worth RM1000+. She could tonight but we don’t accept Amex. What a shame. Still happy coz I sempat demo moisturizer on her skin before door (have to) close late at 10.15pm. Instant effect. She felt magical. Duh…

I love demo.



Lily Sahiful Bahari is a natural/organic wellness consultant at a retail pharmacy in Bangsar. She consults from range of skincare to health food products to hundreds of clients from all over the world, those who in need of nutritional/supplement needs and skincare tips. A graduate from Bachelor of Homeopathy Medical Sciences from Cyberjaya Medical University. During past time, she likes to read and sometimes, netflix (very selective audience). She has large dreams revolving around natural/organic beauty and wellness which she trusts must need works from inside and environment. Follow her adventures here.

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