My top 4 traits in a partnership

1. Team-oriented though indispensable

An individual with crazy skills can go fast and far. With a team, can go faster and further. A team that is not revenue-focused will move slow and may not achieve what they want to achieve or move a mountain as they ambitiously plan. They will be demotivated over time without incentive. Most survivorship rates of beginners can endure from 30 days to 6 months. If a thing takes too long that that, it’s bullshit. Sales/ incentive is the most powerful motivation tool. This must not originate from external funding.

That’s why a team needs an interesting goal to hold on to. The team’s flexibility is also absolutely important if the limits of scenarios have toughly tested and demand pivot. An interesting goal makes the partners stick together no matter what happens. An interesting goal that brings a change or makes a difference in society or the environment. A change is a hard thing to do. Why? You want to insert a new routine into people’s routine or cultural behaviour.

If they want to follow you, don’t let them down, in the first 30 days. Make sure you have A+ plan. Test on your own or with a small passionate team. Your decision-making matters every minute. To your team, you sell the dream. To the people, you sell real shit.

2. Revenue-focused based on social impact

A goal should not have a number. Numbers are for measurement. A goal should contain adjective. For example, I want to be ‘the most entertaining’ Youtuber. Simple, right? Then, use the S.M.A.R.T or whatever formula to measure. How do you want it to be? I believe that there is a lot of confusion out there about goal-setting. Many are having trouble and overwhelmed from the start. That’s why approaching a goal feels like a heavy-force, instead of flowy fun. Every KPI is a metric, but not every metric is a KPI.

The goal of doing a business is to make a profit. You want to avoid leaders that want to make an impact without revenue in the mind, within 30 days. They have ‘sympathy’ but no empathy for the long-term runners. Sympathy is retail. You need a wholesale mindset. If they want to do charity, they should set up an NGO. Those who think profiting from good deeds is bad, should not set up an enterprise. Labor, energy, craft, experience are all costs. Profit is the exchange of great works. There should reward for the time spent on the research and value development. Some who don’t want profits are riches. Setup NGOs with riches at your back. True riches size their investment and impact because frugality (the practice of handling your money in a thoughtful and economical manner) is the right business attitude but not to your parents and wife. If you want to pretend to be riches, don’t take others down with you.

3. Trust after choosing to trust

Once you choose to trust, you trust. You cannot do trust before choosing to trust. Trusting is your own discovery, your own level of knowledge, your own 100% responsibility, your own reflection.

4. Humble with vibrating spirit

Moderation is the longest term of happiness. Moderation is not rigid and not still. Like water, still turns water murky. Moderation is purely determination. Towards the empath. Moderation educates and nurtures. Moderation dreams big. Moderation is taking action, from inside; the vibrating spirit as the light, dumb curious, looking for truth.

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