Inside Out film – A psychological review

Inside Out movie has incredible amount of emotional lessons which we can definitely learn from. Everyone has different amounts of emotion.

We have 5 basic emotions:

From left: Fear, Anger, Happy, Disgust, Sad

Particularly, I think Sad can be Empathy. She reserves sensitivity for others and for her own self-defense. If Sadness is too much, it will make a person self-centered. If less of Sadness, then other characters shall dominate.

Some peoples have highest amount of Happy, making them a very jovial person when situation requires a little bit of sensitivity.

Others may have Disgust more, making them skeptical human being at times. If Disgust is there too much, it will make the person narcissistic and stubborn like Trump, thus may not be able to enjoy life.

Some person have Angry to be their dominant character which project Anger in ways that we can predict and in some cases, unpredictable.

Meanwhile, Fear, if it is working with Sad and Disgust, will choose to hide behind curtain and no one know what is his/her depressing activity. But if Fear works with Happy, Fear can be a thrilling actor.

At first, I thought Happy was the metaphor hero.

At last, it was Sad that managed to encounter brutal reality which Happy and other characters were less suitable to face. Actually, there is no winning emotion in this movie. ‘Everyone’ play their parts accordingly.

Emotion is a hormonal or biochemical drive, that derived from thoughts with action as end product. It is a deep-seated layer in us that no one else know, exist to protect us. Anger, Fear, Disgust, Happy and Sad are there to protect our sane, our intelligence insecurity, our well-being.

Our feelings derived from our perspectives. If we regulate perspectives in our mind in the midst of unpleasing situation quickly, we feel better faster. Mental regulation is trainable.

How to regulate the mind? Watch this video.

“You gotta be healthy to recognize unhealthy” – Ellen Degeneres.

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