Happy New Year: My 2018’s wishes

My wishes are ‘simple’… that…

  • I am capable of being better day by day. If today is not working, I don’t become so stressed out. I keep calm and try again on next day.Β Attempt to become buffalo awaits rain.
  • I listen more and be more sensitive to surroundings.
  • I can come home more often and spend time with my parents.
  • I am able to support my mom’s effort in trying to save the world, I mean 30 stray cats which she accidentally breeds at grandma’s house. Mom’s kids are living away from home at the moment. So, all tender, love and care (TLC) are moved to cats. They just need often showers, groom and med aid.Β Β Hmm, a good business idea to do at Raub.
  • I am able to perform Hajj as soon as possible.
  • I am able to pay MARA’s debt.

That’s all. Happy New Year to all! <3



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