Yeap! I made new twitter account and above is 3rd tweet. The feeling of ’emotionless’ was perhaps due to mentally celebrating it in advance, added with flat announcement “Congratulation, you have pass.” by my dean and added with high feeling of vulnerable with new phase of life.

So, I have made this journey, as aΒ Bachelor of Homeopathic Medical Sciences student for 4-5 years. Yeah!! I thankful to Allah, teachers, family, colleagues and friends for accompanying and supporting me, mentally, spiritually and emotionally. It is best to have good close allies everywhere we go in whatever we do, so we stay close to faith, purpose and role.

I was at second row from behind, second from right, wearing brown veil.

I also did a semester abroad at Mumbai, India for industrial training. There, I went with 18 colleagues (we have 4 weekenders/seniors; osteopath, naturopath, 2 execs) going together. The purpose of industrial training were gaining exposure how homeopathy was integrated in hospital care and collected data for theΒ bachelor thesisΒ as final year project(fyp).Β We were really taking care of each other and bonded like never before. My most favorite moment was group food preparation. I am a foodie, so I was an active participant. So food + company make me happy.

I think fyp was the most exciting assignment. Despite language barrier in achieving what we could have learnt (they spoke Marathi/Hindi- required often conversation-translations), I managed to complete the 300 pages thesis that semester and obtained happy A-. A 6-months working experience as research intern at a tech startup previously helped in terms of agility.

The end

Story of 2014-2018 ends here. However, this is not an end. This is just a beginning. I am up for new road.

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Homeopathy stays in my blood. I seek it if I, others or my cats fall sick. It is on-the-go job. Instead of renting shop, I created healhaven.comΒ in case you want homeopathic opinion of disorder of yours and then, perhaps remedies arrived at door, not for free, as low as RM30+ including postage. Give it a try!

That’s all for now. You’re gonna hear me soon!



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