I love the moral value. I think the core essence is SELF-BELIEVE. If you think you can be X, then X you become.

This superhero movie is not like product of experiment Captain America, or toxically-spider induced Spiderman, or lonely-planet Superman, or artificially-made Wolverine. Glass (the movie) has differentiate itself as a very much medical, brainial stuff, dis-order of mind that turns a regular body into a little-bit extended human capability and achievement without any artificial adjustment or comical costume.

I haven’t watch past two series; Unbreakable & Split. Haven’t heard of them. Will watch.

I love how M Night Shyamalan embraces superheroesness in these ‘disturbed’ personalities. David played by Bruce Willis, acted as reluctant superhero, and the character is dominant in his mind-body, he knows he ‘HAD’ to do it, as he is driven by instincts and voices. I did ‘amazed’ at a strength of an old man at bending a steel door and steel pole. (I know it is fiction).

On the other side, Kevin has 24 personalities. A FOREVER 9 years old in him which has great fascination at comic and has โ€˜The Beastโ€™ which stuck inside, is the EFFING willing to-be superhero. Kevin NEEDS TO believe in himself he is The Beast, so he CAN climb the FLAT wall. The switching appearances of personalities in him were actually his own forms of FEAR which act as PROTECTOR to his truest form/identity/event in his life. I can’t spoiled so much. You have to watch it. (Need to watch past series to get Kevin.)

Mr Glass is a character that I found profoundly mind-blowing… at almost end of this 2 hours movie! We will think that he is freaking seemingly MIND-DAMAGED villain but he is the most ANTI-SUPERHERO. Mr Glass had a really good intention but his way of doing things were inhuman. Perhaps he got clue that a dark (psychiatry) society wants to hide these characters behind common drug report. They do not want the world to know such existences as Kevin and David were real. Mr Glass was kind of fighting to exist.

M Night Shyamalan really made me think to the end. At Mr Glass’s last breath, his mother said to him, “You are incredibly wonderful” — something nice like that. I was really astonishing as fuck coz why did his mother uttered a very un-regretful word which was opposite to what I think she was supposed to say, after she had witness a terrific damage which was masterminded by his son. That was before I learnt about Mr Glass’s real intention.

I also appreciate that Mr Director stopped all the three characters. Though it seemed to look very unjust to the families, but it is fair and balance treatment to the audience in terms of emotion. I also learnt how multiple identities in Kevin faded gradually due to facing the dreadful fear of death, and finally cracked and left his truest form at his last breath.

Thanks to M Night Shyamalan’s odd heroism brilliancy and emphaty, I am able to learn a lot of lessons… at very late minutes. I think we all did as his audience.

We, as ‘healthy’ human beings might not have the 200% confidence as a frontal-lobe-ly-affected personality has. So, the essence of this movie, I believe is attempting at SELF-BELIEVE, 200%, so we are able to act like WE’RE BELONG.




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