Here’s how to get fit right… again

For women, it is hard to begin without strengthening leg first because our core strength starts at leg(lower limb) whilst men start at upper body. Women are less recommended to jump straight to do abs/upper workout if legs are not steady.

We can start performing 2 exercises per muscle group. We have…

  1. Large muscle group: leg, chest and back
  2. Small muscle group: biceps, triceps, hamstrings, calves, abs and shoulders.

Each day, it is advised to perform…

  • 1 large group and 1 small group or…
  • 1 upper muscle group and 1 lower muscle group.

If we perform more than 2 muscle groups, your muscle will have hard time to grow. Try each exercise with 15 repetitions for 3 or 4 sets. We will feel burning at almost end of counts.

Oh, don’t you mind what kind of exercises that can be done. Each muscle has HUNDREDS of exercises. What we should mind is to do it or not to do it.

Rest is VERY important.

It is advisable to rest for 2 days in a week for our body to repair. Support our muscle repairment and growth with good nutrition. Take high protein, high nutrient, low carb. Take lime to increase our immunity and bioabsorption.

I haven’t performing intense workout for sooo long. Last time I did was when I represented state for tennis. Eggs, chicken/fish, lime were given as our main meal at that time. Morning, lunch, dinner. Nyum nyum sangat.

Ok. Back to the question. I posted the picture because I cannot do sit up without getting my feet anchored.

I am doing pretty intense leg workout for 3 weeks now. Maybe it is not enough.

Some says sit-ups can be pretty bad on our spine, that that we can’t do them is not a bad thing. Another ways to strengthen our core are by doing planks, leg levers, flutter kicks, and russian twist. Let’s start gradually.