Convocation is a great business!

The fee is RM500 per student. Let’s say there are 200 students from each faculty. Let’s say faculties have 7. I somehow feel why do I have to pay so much like what for? It’s OUR college hall, not even prestige grand place to rent.

Well maybe we pay for somebodies time to come and give us that scroll. Students already have spend so much money to study and yet for this talk-talk a lot event some more.

I am not effing sorry for making bitter statement when it’s way too ridiculous that get me into thinking whether RM500 worth it or not, just to deserve MY SCROLL (with attendance).

Malaysia colleges please look over at overseas convo style. Unburdening, quick speeches, hand over scrolls and students have more time with parents and friends whole day.

Don’t make money like this. Don’t make students cannot afford this precious moment with that greedy squeezy price tag.

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