Conversation with a mum about “International School”

She feels like sending her kid to international school is not a good plan. Her vision is to raise an intellectual, Islamic-nurtured, modern thinking kid. She tries to search for primary school for her. Her kid is very cute, mixed mat saleh, intelligent, kind and likes to cuddle with me. ❤️

When she mingles with students in international school to survey, she feels like they are like spoiled brat. When they talk, they are like super confident but actually superficial. She then mingles with teachers at the school. They aren’t thinking type. She finds out that one of them is not qualified, speak English because she’s a native. At USA, the teacher was a cleaner. She came to conclusion that ‘international school’ is a fad — taking white color peoples to work the image of school.

What’s fascinating is when she asked me to look at Malaysia local leaders like CEO of Khazanah, Petronas and Mydin. She decided to send her kid to sekolah kebangsaan. She and her husband have the best one in their mind which only select 200 students. Insyallah.

Dear all, English is just a language. It is a POOR tool to measure intellect.

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