Don’t just start with “Assalamualaikum or Hi and blackhole-blank……

I won’t reply.

Shoot straight man! Don’t waste time.

I am shortform-intolerance. Write clearly.

I understand Bahasa Melayu & English only.

I get paid (hourly) to give professional advice.

I am not available most of the time.

I am lovingly unavailable.

Contact only if you have…

  • ideas of simplifying lives but need my futuristic opinions.
  • desire-ful positive intention and dream but you have private, dark, hidden, internal, kept-inside problem activity, mutant thing to talk with me. I charge expensively price-relief. I will share my knowledge and opinions.

Door opens ajar. Please come in. According to terms and conditions.

Homeopath cum Executive Nutritionist
Ex-tech writer
Web dev hobbyist
Screens fan
Future author
Wild dreamer