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November 20, 2020

The Queen ‘s Gambit Review

I witness maturity, the chess game and Elizabeth Harmon. Maturity, perhaps, has to do with her upbringing. From the beginning, Beth suffers from abandonment issues..
August 10, 2020

Steve Jobs First Bags of RM1.36 mil

In the movie Jobs, Steve Jobs says “We’ll do the $90,000 investment. At a $300,000 valuation. But I also want you to kick in a..
September 8, 2017

The Big Short film review – 2008 financial crisis

This basically revised financial catastrophe back in 2008, about how millions of peoples lose homes, lose jobs, lose pension saving…all worth 5 trillion. And… that..
September 4, 2017

Inside Out film – A psychological review

Inside Out movie has incredible amount of emotional lessons which we can definitely learn from. Everyone has different amounts of emotion. We have 5 basic..
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