Claim RM10k as the victim with Etiqa.

I was glad that luck was on my side though. There were two unfavorable plots from the others side a little bit which made the accident sounded more confusing. Let these be lessons for me.

It was quite frustrated when the traffic crasher apologized but then, lodged a false police report. She said that she had yellow light. On road, we cannot have one green and one yellow at the same time right? But officer knew the truth and sued her anyway…for being careless.

Maybe because of temperature from my side was cool and chill facing this thing, Allah granted full recovery for my car… in 1 month! Alhamdulillah. 😃

However, I didn’t get away from dishonesty. Second unfavorable plot was authored by an opportunistic car tower in town who initially charged us RM500 for towing my car to his workshop. Ketuk jangan tak ketuk. At the end, we got it for RM250 before we have been told by traffic police that it supposed to be RM200. Sabar jelah… 😑[Be patient…]

We had got over that already and brought my car to good people. It was Workshop Panjang which is located nearby Kawasan Industri Ringan [Light Industry Territory] at Jalan Lipis. The workshop was owned by a tall chinese man. That’s why peoples call him Panjang which means Tall. 😀

Uncle Panjang said my car shall be recovered in 1 month. I don’t mind if it takes a little bit more than that like 2 months. I was just being logical and supportive. Friends shared that they got car repaired in 4 months. Some in 2 months. I drove Proton Saga. So, parts were easily obtained in Malaysia. 1 month is impressive! Seemingly, Etiqa(my car takaful provider) + hers were working quite efficient together for my case. Well so far!