Car accident

I thought the green light was mine, but NOPE! The accident was not bloody but crashy. Glad that it was my left wrist, not dominant right. To be specific, left distal radius that was dislocated. :'(

A few cars in front of me have made their turn to right or straight. I got green light and drove straight. As it was a straight crossing path and light was still green very much, I pushed my pedal little bit about 80km/h. Then, this impatient ghost car from my right, drove to cross my path. So…. boom.

I boomed her car. Luckily, it wasn’t the opposite. If it was, my right side body would have impacted. I was mad and disappointed of the driver’s nasty attitude. She could had just wait for her turn!

I cannot come out from my car. My front side has awesomely crashed. I still remember that the radio was featuring Attention from Charlie Puth and still playing. “You just want attention. You don’t want my heart…” Love that song.

A few minutes sitting in driver seat powerlessly, someone came to open my door. I cannot move my left hand. I was zikrullah in “what the fudge…” moment.

The driver of car that I hit (ok, that sounds bad) came to apologize to me quickly. I felt the apology was hopeless, damage has been done but I accepted it anyway. She’s a chinese and looked like aged 50. Haiyaaa laa aunty…

I wasn’t dramatic at the scene though. But I was, in hospital. On emergency bed, I went quite hypoglycemic that my blood pressure fall to 80mmHg. I was told to breathe. I did deep belly-breathing and gradually came to full consciousness. My hand was in a great pain and I was still in shocking mode. This was my first time I got hospitalized.

I was so in pain when they took X-Ray of my hand. They steered it like my hand was okay. Deep down I was like, “Woi, parah ni!!” but this came out, “Tolong jangan pusing-pusing tangan saya,” [please don’t turn turn my hand] rintih si pesakit. So painful.

I was given anesthetic before I went into deep sleep. Dreamless. I woke up in an hour and saw that my hand was all cemented. The Chinese doctor made a Closed Manipulative Reduction (CMR) kungfu. Means, he pulled my skeleton and pushed the bone in. (Man, I gotta learn that!!). Which means, my friend, I don’t have to see ortho surgeon.

Staffs pushed my bed here and there to get XRay done. Done. My skeleton has aligned. The doctor and nurses of Hospital Raub did a great job.

I was told that this bone injury takes 2 months to recover. I was lifting before. Now, I have to focus on healing. Getting great deal of protein and sunshine. I miss my left hand though. Sometimes, I will like metaphysically whisper it like, “Be patient, left hand. You are needed in future.” Then, I metaphysically boo-boo kiss it and not overly done that, of course. It is my healing ritual. My left hand was so powerless right now, it misses to contribute. A few of bruises developed at my frontal head and legs.

I have hard time to manage myself. Now I know exactly their feelings; those who short of limbs. This experience is tremendously insightful.

Mummy came to hospital and she was like, “Oh no, my daughter…”. “Sorry mom.” Because I was not careful either. I actually don’t want to take even 5% of blame though. 😐 Then, a lot of my relatives visited me and I started to feel positive energy from them.

A few minutes later, I was discharged. My mom pushed my steel wheelchair towards exit door sign. Siyennn ke ma. 😢 [Poor mom.]

I looked up to the sky. “Alhamdulillah. Still alive”.

Gonna talk about my car’s recovery and my Homeopathic approach on next post. Till then.