Treating my fractured bone with homeopathy

I called my homeopath friend to deliver Arnica montana & Symphytum to my home address. I have gotten my package from this humble couple from Segamat, Chaah. The wife is my batch mate. Meanwhile, painkillers remained uneaten. I still felt soreness, and tightness at my wrist and bruises at my lower limbs. I decided to help myself with Homeopathy.

i. Arnica montana🌻

Arnica is a toxic herb, growing beautifully at Europe and US. For centuries arnica montana has been used herbally and homeopathically for bruising and sprains. It is a remedy for someone who ‘doesn’t forget pains‘.

Arnica flower

Yasss, I had a hard time to mentally heal from the crashy moment. It kept coming when I was about to sleep and meditate.

Arnica is also for “fears approaching“. I was scared to let my hand touched or massaged by my mother or walking into place where one or two humans could potentially hit my hand. You can read more about this lovely mountain tobacco here.

ii. Symphytum officinale🌿

Symphytum officinale 01.jpg

When I had this accident, this is my No. 1 remedy that pop up in my head. This is bone-set remedy. Like Arnica, Symphytum helps with blows, falls and bruises, and even helps with the tendency to have such mishaps. The remedy can help with bruises to the tendons and bones. I aimed to use it to work on the injury and mend the fracture.

Caution! 🚫

Both remedies can be quite toxic in herbal solutions. Folks like to make tea out of it though (Symphytum or comphrey) which is discouraged, as it has been highly debated about whether it can cause serious liver damage.

Therefore, homeopathic amount is better decision which substance will be diluted with alcohol or distilled water and then vigorously shaken in a process called “succussion”. These two processes called as potentisation.

My current experience.

From left: Calcarea phos 6x, Symphytum 30C, Arnica 200C.

After consuming Arnica for 1 week, bruises and soreness were reducing.

On 2nd week, I started to consume Symphytum with biochemic salt, Calc Phos. I went for X-Ray and my bone seemed 40% better and less hurt when touch but hard to self-lift it up. After that, I can allow my mom to massage the area.

The doctor opened my bandage and replaced with lighter cast made of fiber, up until below elbow [before this up until upper elbow].

3rd week, my bone injury felt severely reduced and I can uplift my hand 100% with little soreness sensation. I can now resist my head with the hand while typing this article using right hand 100%.

But what I still hurt to do is supination of wrist. Slow physiotherapy shall help after the cast is opened. Insyallah.

I took them continuously with support of biochemic salt, Calcarea Phos to catalyst remedial action which acted on the physiological level, up until now (3rd week). Homeopathy gives boost to potential salt to transport to our delicate cells.