Convocation is a great business!

The fee is RM500 per student. Let’s say there are 200 students from each faculty. Let’s say faculties have 7. I somehow feel why do I have to pay so much like what for? It’s OUR college hall, not even prestige grand place to rent. Well maybe we pay for somebodies time to come and … [Read more…]

Homeopathy. What is it?

I studied homeopathy before. Here’s what I have learnt. I feel terrible about the picture that peoples have about homeopathy. I can’t blame anywho because I think it’s my job to tell. Therefore, I went facebook-rant melayu to explain about it. I just copy paste from my facebook status, okay? Here we go. WHAT THE … [Read more…]

Shariah-compliant securities bot

I created a stock bot on Telegram which identified shariah-compliance(SC) securities. It helps Muslim to invest as according to shariah law, which believers must avoid invest in companies that trade alcohol, porks & others criteria. The list is specially provided to our group for quicker reference. Too bad limited privilege . Screening SC takes effort. … [Read more…]